Being Difficult

I wanted my first post to be memorable, inspirational, and basically just super awesome. But that’s probably never going to happen. So I’ll tell you a bit about me.

I am essentially a walking contradiction. I hate people but I don’t want to be alone. I want to do something important with my life but I’m not inclined to put in any work. I am simply never satisfied with anything. I’m especially not happy with the way this post is going…

That’s me though. I wanted to start a blog because it seemed like fun and now that I’ve started I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s like when you have an amazing idea for a story and you’re all like ‘Hell yeah, this is awesome. I’m going to write this up and become the next J.K Rowling or something, make millions and then spent the rest of my life in a castle ordering around servants’ and then you realise you don’t know how to start it or even how to write a book. That’s essentially the crisis I’m having right now. So I’ve decided this blog is simply going to be me spewing out my each and every thought.


3 thoughts on “Being Difficult

  1. And a good start it is. I read lots of author blogs and I think you’ll be surprised at how much support there is out there for people with similar dreams. I hope you enjoy the new blog.

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